omg wtf bbq

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    So I decided to do a thing…Never made poster before, but I really liked the different ‘house of’ ones I’ve seen around tumblr, so I present you mine- Gears of War themed apart from the last one.

    Quotes are from songs by ‘In Strict Confidence’; only Carmine’s is from ‘Preliator’

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    Lose the Attitude, Lose the Ego


    We define ourselves by our attitudes. We like this and we don’t like that and all that liking and not liking makes up who we are. Our attitudes are both inward beliefs and outward expressions of how we feel about the world. We wear an attitude like a protective shell. Our attitude can help us fit…

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be the crow….


    be the crow….

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    Broken Bow - “Eulogy Pt. 2” (A Fistful Of Vinyl sessions) on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles
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    what the fuck why am i laughing

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